Civil association Sovička stopped its activity in February 2022

About Us

Little Owl is a voluntary civil association, the aim of which is:

  • the development and protection of intellectual, cultural and social values,
  • the support for cultivating of the state of law, democracy, democratic political institutions and pluralist society,
  • the protection of human rights,
  • the support of education and enlightement,
  • the support of physical training and of children and youth sport.

Little Owl is trying to reach these goals by the following activities:

  • cooperates with domestic, foreign and international associations and institutions with similar orientations as well as with other people and corporate bodies,
  • publishes periodical and non periodical press and cooperates with mass media as well as with cultural and scientifical institutions of similar orientation,
  • organizes seminars, conferences, discussion forums, workshops and summer universities,
  • provides consultations and contributes to the education of young specialists in different areas,
  • organizes public collections, cultural, educational, social or sport events.

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