Civil association Sovička stopped its activity in February 2022


Civil association Sovička (The Little Owl) was established on 8th of March 2004 especially for the purposes of development of intellectual values in the area of education of children and youth, for providing material and financial help with the aim to develop children´s talent, as well as to help directly to handicapped children and youth. 
Our goal is to help all people who need it. Civil association Sovička presents the best practise how to earn money in accordance with the law. These finances will be afterwards divided in a transparent way and according to the best knowledge and conscience. We would like to unite all people who did not forget to donate and to offer the assistance at least to some people who need it.  
Our wish is that the preparation and organisation of all events would have high professional standards, but at the same time maximal transparency. We do not want just to earn money from the sponsors, but also to organise social and cultural events, the proceeds from which will be again divided by our Little Owl.
Zdenka Kukanová
Zdenka Kukanová

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